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Settings Class Reference

Class to set usage options and parse settings from input. More...

#include <Settings.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool getLoopBack ()
void parseInput (int argc, char **argv)
 Parses command line input.
void printUsage ()
 Prints usage help.
void startJackTrip ()
void stopJackTrip ()

Private Attributes

JackAudioInterface::audioBitResolutionT mAudioBitResolution
int mBufferQueueLength
 Audio Buffer from network queue length.
char * mClientName
JackTrip::dataProtocolT mDataProtocol
 Data Protocol.
bool mEmptyHeader
 EmptyHeader mode.
 JackTrip class.
JackTrip::jacktripModeT mJackTripMode
bool mJackTripServer
 JackTrip Server mode.
bool mJamLink
 JamLink mode.
bool mLoopBack
 Loop-back mode.
int mNumChans
 Number of Channels (inputs = outputs)
QString mPeerAddress
 Peer Address to use in jacktripModeT::CLIENT Mode.
int mPortNum
 Port Number.
unsigned int mRedundancy
 Redundancy factor for data in the network.
bool mUnderrrunZero
 Use Underrun to Zero mode.

Detailed Description

Class to set usage options and parse settings from input.

Definition at line 48 of file Settings.h.

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