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UdpDataProtocol::UdpDataProtocol ( JackTrip jacktrip,
const runModeT  runmode,
int  bind_port,
int  peer_port,
unsigned int  udp_redundancy_factor = 1 

The class constructor.

jacktripPointer to the JackTrip class that connects all classes (mediator)
runmodeSets the run mode, use either SENDER or RECEIVER
bind_portPort number to bind for this socket (this is the receive or send port depending on the runmode)
peer_portPeer port number (this is the receive or send port depending on the runmode)
udp_redundancy_factorNumber of redundant packets

Definition at line 59 of file UdpDataProtocol.cpp.

References mRunMode, DataProtocol::RECEIVER, and signalWatingTooLong().

DataProtocol(jacktrip, runmode, bind_port, peer_port),
mBindPort(bind_port), mPeerPort(peer_port),
mAudioPacket(NULL), mFullPacket(NULL),
  if (mRunMode == RECEIVER) {
    QObject::connect(this, SIGNAL(signalWatingTooLong(int)),
                     jacktrip, SLOT(slotUdpWatingTooLong(int)), Qt::QueuedConnection);

Here is the call graph for this function:

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