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UdpMasterListener Class Reference

Master UDP listener on the Server. More...

#include <UdpMasterListener.h>

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void ClientAddressSet ()
void Listening ()

Public Member Functions

int releasePort (int id)
void run ()
 Implements the Thread Loop. To start the thread, call start() ( DO NOT CALL run() )
void stop ()
 Stops the execution of the Thread.
 UdpMasterListener (int server_port=gServerUdpPort)

Private Slots

void testRecieve ()

Private Member Functions

int isNewAddress (uint32_t address, uint16_t port)
 Check if address is already handled, if not add to array.
void sendToPoolPrototype (int id)

Static Private Member Functions

static void bindUdpSocket (QUdpSocket &udpsocket, int port)
 Binds a QUdpSocket. It chooses the available (active) interface.

Private Attributes

QHash< uint32_t, uint16_t > mActiveAddresPortPair
uint32_t mActiveAddress [gMaxThreads][2]
 Active addresses pool numbers (32 bits IPv4 numbers)
int mBasePort
 Class that will be used as prototype.
QHostAddress mPeerAddress
 The Peer Address.
int mServerPort
volatile bool mStopped
 Boolean stop the execution of the thread.
QThreadPool mThreadPool
 The Thread Pool.
int mTotalRunningThreads
 Number of Threads running in the pool.
QUdpSocket mUdpMasterSocket
 The UDP socket.

Detailed Description

Master UDP listener on the Server.

This creates a server that will listen on the well know port (the server port) and will spawn JackTrip threads into the Thread pool. Clients request a connection.

Definition at line 58 of file UdpMasterListener.h.

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